Planned Giving

Planned giving is the thoughtful process of realizing your charitable objectives while optimizing tax and other financial benefits. A planned gift can be provided now for immediate use, or can be deferred – included in a will for use at a future time.

A Planned gift

  • Is a tangible expression of your values
  • Considers your personal and family needs
  • Can be made with cash or other assets
  • Allows you to carefully plan the impact of your gift now and into the future
  • Is tailored to your financial situation and maximizes your tax, financial and estate planning benefits.

Donor Benefits

The First West Foundation offers a broad scope of services that help donors make effective charitable investments. With a variety of current and deferred ways to make a donation, the First West Foundation can assist you in meeting your values and vision for shaping the community.

We Provide:

  • Donation options which can be tailored to your present and future philanthropic objectives
  • Knowledgeable and rigorous evaluation of grant applications
  • An attractive alternative to establishing a private foundation
  • Skilled and experienced stewardship of investments
  • Sound governance by a dedicated Board of Directors